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The International Arbitration Court for Transport (IACT) and its Bulgarian partner - Transarena, have organised a bilateral working meeting in Sofia, on 26th of April 2017, followed by an interactive seminar on transport specialized arbitration. During this seminar with a consistent participation, the new procedure for solving the low-value arbitration requests was presented for the first time (low-value - up to approx. 2200 EUR). Meeting numerous requests in this...


Arbitration Field of application

The activities of the International Arbitration Court for Transport is mainly aimed at solving the disputes arising in the area of railway, pipeline, road, maritime and air goods and passenger transport.

The activities of the International Arbitration Court for Transport also include solving the disputes in other areas connected to the transport field, such as handling and storage of goods, functioning of terminals and parkings, renting transport equipment with a driver or operator, post and courier services.

The activities connected to transport include (but are no limited to):
- freight forwarding
- organization of road, maritime, air and railway transport operations
- organization of carriage of general and consolidated cargo (including pickup, consolidation and delivery)
- obtaining and issuing of transport and forwarding documents
- activities of the customs brokers
- activities of the agents involved into internal maritime and air freight forwarding
- activities of brokers providing reservation services on maritime and air transport, etc.

In all the cases submitted to the International Arbitration Court for Transport, even if the subject of the disputed is not related directly to transport and related activities, the court should consider the dispute and render an arbitration award in accordance with the Art.542 of the Civil Procedural Code of Romania.


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Arbitration Court for Transport - Arbitrans
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